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Vision Creation Online Workshop

Everyone has the ability to visualise and manifest the things they want into their life, however not everyone is consistent or purposeful about using these attributes that we are gifted with. Donniece's vision creation workshops and tele-conferences are designed to bring benefits to those who desire:

  • More clarity about their vision
  • An increase of passion toward their vision
  • Less resistance towards desired outcome
  • An increase in faith

and many more.

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Salena_Alston.jpgg “Donniece has a wonderful spirit and has a desire to help others help themselves. What she has to offer in groups like the Vision Creation Group is far more valuable than any program I have ever seen or could ever pay for. Donniece helps us open our minds to all types of possibilities and allows us to expand our visions through sharing our failures as well as successes with a group of like-minded people. I really appreciate all that she has done and, I am sure, will continue to do with this group and many other!” ~Salena Alston, Creator of The I AM Group, Charleston, South Carolina

laura-j-hamilton.jpg “Donniece’s Vision Creation Workshop is excellent. The opportunity to share my vision with a supportive group of like minded individuals intensified my passion and fueled my already burning desire to live into my purpose. I was motivated by my participation in this group as I was able to acknowledge all that I’m already doing to actualize my dream and discover new techniques to add texture to my vision. Donniece skillfully facilitated the group to ensure each participant received value and insights from the experience. I would recommend that anyone serious about taking their vision to a new level enroll!” ~Laura Hamilton, Youth Empowerment Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Worcester, UK

Andy-J-Salgado.jpg “The Vision Creation Workshop has helped me in so many ways to reflect upon my dreams. Seeing other people's visions and having them express it with such strong desire pumps me up to express mine to the universe more and more. The way we all communicate in sync to each others ideas and vision has inspired me to communicate my dream more and help others fulfill there's. Donniece has gathered a great group of people who share in each others dreams and visions and I think that's one of the key things to follow your dreams. Thanks to Donniece I have met like minded people who believe in my vision as I believe in theirs.” ~ Andy Salgado, Actor, Leading Role in Erica Summers' Mister White, Palm Coast, Florida

gill-scott.jpg “Donniece has a gift in drawing the participants closer to that absolute necessity for any fulfilment in life, whatever their spiritual persuasion.” ~ Gill Scott, Professional Coach, Teacher and Facilitator in Leadership and Personal Development, Motive Leadership, Doncaster, UK

Tandalea-Mercer.jpg "Donniece has such a passion for helping others realize their dreams and purpose. Her excitement about you achieving your dreams and walking in a right way towards attaining them leaves you awestruck and equally as excited. She has truly found her calling with helping others to help themselves. I am thankful to Donniece for her upifting words and advice on remaining positive through the process. I have learned to remained fixed on my vision and to keep pressing forward" ~ Tandalea Mercer, Actress, Irvine, California