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Coaching & Mentoring

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is designed to bring greater awareness, greater results much more empowerment.

  • Are you looking to get better results in your work, business and personal life. Are you setting goals but not achieving them? Are you finding yourself in self defeating habits that consistently sabotage your progress; keeping you from making those quantum leaps?
  • Are you ready to be challenged?
  • Are you prepared to remove all the limitations to your goals?
  • Do you want someone alongside you that will be as committed to your goals as you are?
  • Do you wish to design a plan based around your goals, values and vision?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then contact Donniece today!

Manifesting Your Dream Coaching And Mentoring Program

Become part of a live interactive group where Donniece will be offering bi-weekly coaching, teaching, mentoring and Q&A calls over a 6 month period. You will be part of a community of like minded individuals where you can get support, forge new friendships, and questions answered. You will also benefit from observational learning. This where you witness other members of the community being coached through an issue that they bring forth and be able to applied the learning to your own life.

As well as the calls Donniece also offers you to email any questions and endeavours to respond to question.

For those who want a little more of the personal touch, at registration you have the opportunity to also sign up for one-on-one coaching at a favourably discounted price from the standard price. By signing up to this optional addition as well as the massive savings in having Donniece as your personal coach, you will also be eligible for loyalty savings on other programs and products throughout the following 24 months.

For more information on Donniece's one-on-one and small group coaching and mentoring program, contact Donniece today!

Spiritual Coaching

Donniece's spiritual coaching sessions are designed for the individuals who wish to be spiritually minded and want to learn how to connect to that most important inner guide they will ever need.

If you are looking to be challenged to remove the blockages that are preventing you from having a greater connection with your creator, and you are aware that this is hindering you having:

  • More insight
  • Clarity on purpose
  • A everlasting sense of belonging
  • A feeling of connectedness to this universe
  • Peace, love and an appreciation for all things.

then you do not want to miss out on signing up to this coaching program.

For more information on Donniece's one-on-one spiritual coaching, contact Donniece today!

Relationship Coaching

Are you wanting to take your relationship to the next level? Do you feel your relationship is stuck in a rut?

Donniece is masterful at helping individuals and couples identify the things holding them back from experiencing the healthy loving relationship they so much desire. She helps them to clear the many obstacles that people have around relationship enabling and empowering them to be more successful in receiving their desires. This service is designed for those that are desiring ways to increase their awareness in:

  • How to support their loved one
  • Much more romance
  • Understanding their partner's desires and purpose
  • How to rebuild a new vision for their relationship
  • If single; how to identify their soul mate

and many more

For more information on Donniece's one-on-one and small group relationship coaching, contact Donniece today!

Personal Development

One of the greatest decisions you can ever make, is to get on the path of personal development. Every great accomplishment and every great person invested in some way on their development.

It should be the desire of anyone who wishes to become more, to walk and continue to walk the never ending road called personal development. Once on that road they discover how to tap into their potential so that they become more.

For more information on Donniece's one-on-one and small group personal development coaching, contact Donniece and get started today!