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Donniece Greene-Smith is a Coach | Mentor for Entrepreneurs, Self Actualisation Expert. She is a Teacher, Speaker and Coach in Self-Actualisation and Personal and Professional Development.

Donniece facilitates coaching and mentoring programs, masterminds groups and workshops along with her husband Matthew Nathaniel Smith in their coaching and mentoring business, Lid Raisers.

She is an Independent Certified Professional Speaker, Teacher and Coach and Founding Partner with the John C. Maxwell Team.

With years of experience in coaching and mentoring, Donniece works with entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them to live into their potential. Leading by example she not only invites her clients to expand their awareness so that they can envision the best life that they intended to have, but to actually grab hold of the life they want and live it!

As your coach, Donniece's aim is to support and empower individuals to create both personal and professional success.  The results of her sessions are life changing, enabling individuals to perform at their maximum ability with increased satisfaction.  She challenges values and beliefs that are no longer serving the individual, so that a new set of beliefs and behaviours can evolve which are beneficial and rewarding.

Her passion, faith and desire to expand the conscious awareness of others drives her to lift the lid of the purpose driven individuals she encounters. Her aim is for those who attend her workshops and programs to be empowered and embrace a new awareness in their personal growth, potential and purpose. Donniece challenges others to not only connect with the inner vision but to also ignite it.

Donniece is the author of two books He’s the Amazing Dream That Came True” - a poetic story of love and faith which demonstrates her sheer will and determination to have the best that she can have in life after experiencing many great struggles.

Think Growth - Think Growth is a book that is geared towards helping you grow emotionally, personally and spiritually. Thought leader Donniece Greene-Smith shares some of her thoughts around these areas with a depth of profoundness that can help the reader raise their awareness about a circumstance or belief and help one get unstuck from things that may have been plaguing their lives.

Donniece has a passion for helping couples restore the love and passion in their marriage and to help singles that are looking to find their soul mate by assisting them to clear their vibration in order to receive that person.

She is the founder of Beginners Poetry, a forum designed to bring hope, healing and self expression.

Donniece has over 20 years experience is sales management through her own companies and working with other private companies.

Her pastimes are reading, writing, thinking and visiting serene places. Donniece also enjoys spending lots of time with her family and having a good laugh with them. Donniece also has a keen interest in property investment and financial education.

Donniece lives with her husband and two daughters in Kent, UK.

If you are looking for a Self Actualisation Coach contact Donniece today.

"Fall in love with your journey for it holds all the keys to a masterpiece of a story waiting to be shared." ~ Donniece Greene-Smith