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When We Suspend Judgement We Increase Awareness

In every single moment of every single day we are given a multiple of opportunities to increase our awareness if we choose to. This new awareness, if we are open enough to embrace it, will allow us to connect with deeper parts of ourselves looking for greater expression.

However when we find ourselves judging things first, including ourselves we shut the door to learning anything new. Most often our reasons for shutting the door to learning anything new is grounded in fear and when we explore our fears we will naturally dispel our need to judge. We're not going to always get it right, but we can certainly learn to minimise our need to judge.

The amazing thing about being open to learning something new including learning about those things that we are use to judging harshly is that we grow in love, we grow in compassion and we position ourselves to have a greater and positive impact on this world

The other most wonderful thing about suspending our need to judge is that, all of our challenges in life are teaching us something about ourselves; and when we suspend the need to judge the people that come and go in our lives we increase the chances of seeing the treasures that came to us through them.

When we suspend the need to judge our mistakes, even the mistake of judging our past we learn to pull everything all together and see the unfolding of a beautiful journey, that is called our life.

When we allow ourselves to be open to new awarenesses, we open ourselves up to the possibility of change and when we embrace change, we change the world, because we become the change.