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Technology’s Effect On You

With the growth of the Internet, the news whether good, bad or shocking comes and goes so quickly that we are becoming increasingly desensitise by current affairs as well as the lives of others.

How many stories have we heard that are created out of thin air and last no longer than the blink of an eye or the refreshing of our social media page.

Friendships are built and destroyed in moments. Misunderstandings and assumptions are trusted in over thinking the best of others. Most of us have forgotten that relationships are not normally sustained through computers or phones, yet that tends to be our trusted vehicle for communication.

We’ve become detached and desensitise to people and we’ve become more attached to media, what we look like and what others look like.

We’ve become so desensitise to people and the importance of their lives when we just scroll, flip and refresh our page, waiting for the next news report.

Our neighbours are strangers and our friends are those who live on the other side of our screen. We’ve forgotten to make time for the things that matter.

When we step out of our homes, our phones are usually in our hand and many of us will have read and responded to our messages before looking into the eyes of those with whom we share our lives.

We’ve forgotten to take time out for the really important things in life. We’ve forgotten that some of the people that really matter are right there in front of us.

Take time out of your day today and every day to recognise the people right there in front of you, after all they didn’t choose to scroll through your life, they chose to walk beside you and stay.