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Push The Ego To One Side

Do you see things as an attack, as if someone is always trying to do, take or keep something from you? If so the ego may have gotten such a hold on your mind that it may be hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

Just below you will find some of the main vices the ego uses to take you away from your true self.

Convinces You To See All Things As An Attack – You see the moment you invest in the thought that someone is attacking you; your perception can’t help but, act on that information. By seeing yourself as attacked you then can’t help but separate yourself from that person and then see that person as different; in other words not of the same source. This makes it easy to counter attack in a way in, which you see fit, leading to yet another opportunity for you to see yourself as being attacked.

It Has You Focused On What You Think Others Think About You – When you find yourself having to keep up with what YOU think people think of you; then you have well and truly been bamboozled by the ego. Most of the times without you realising it the ego invests heavily in what it believes people think of you and convinces you to act accordingly. Instead of being yourself your energy goes into what you want people to believe about you.

Separate From God – When you find yourself feeling alone and disconnected from this world without a sense of belonging or people that really care about you, the ego has convinced you that you are in this alone. From this stand point depending on how much you believe, it will paint you a story that shows just how unfortunate your life is and that God in some way couldn’t have planned a life like the one you are living. At this point its main aim is to separate you from God. Don’t believe the hype!

Investment In Delusions - The ego survives through the lack of acceptance of others, lack of self-awareness and dishonesty in all shapes and forms. That’s right it knows where to convince you to hide and every time you invest in one of these vantage points you invest in one or several delusions the ego has prepared for you. You see it knows what you want to avoid and it finds a clever way to help you maintain not changing, by showing you how everything else outside of you needs to change. It therefore lacks acceptance of anything that reveals it has to face the truth and or change. Keep your eyes out for this one!

Merits Others By Its Social Status System – We all want to feel special and the ego knows this so well and this sends so many on a journey not to be the best but to in some way to be better than others. It carefully sifts out the competition and finds ways it can create a stand point from which it can stand and say ‘You are not as good as me’. If you find yourself feeling you are better than others because of what you have done, then maybe just maybe the ego has convinced you to see others less than you, or above you. This is of course a delusion and will quickly lead to a correction somewhere down the line. This is a classic one the ego uses especially to those who measure themselves and others by accomplishments and material things. Don’t buy it!

You are and will always be the best! There is no one like you in this world and you came here to do something special. Push the ego to one side and thrive in what you came to do.