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Miracles Are For Everyone

Some say that miracles are rare and that you’d be lucky if you ever get to see one in your life. Some say that if you have enough faith, your miracle is already yours and all you have to do is claim it. Others say, don’t just open your physical eyes but open your inner eyes and recognise that miracles are taking place all around you every day.

I say, miracles are the unyielding YES, when one’s awareness is shifted for a moment long enough to allow the extraordinary to occur.

That is also YOU! You are a miracle! Your life is consistently being sustained by thousands and thousands of little miracles that occur every moment to keep your body functioning with such excellence, only ever needing your willingness.

So what do you need to say YES to, and then be in a place of allowance, in order to see that miracle you are looking for?

If you wish to see more miracles are you prepared to surrender your current beliefs about them? Do your current beliefs about miracles serve you? Or do those beliefs of yours push the possibility of miracles so far away that with you, they never come out to play?

Did you know that by saying yes and not no to miracles, you are saying you are willing to surrender what you think you know and opening yourself up to learn something new; and then divine forces show up to show you the possibilities.

However the choice to see miracles will always be based on what you decide to see.