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Lots Of Talent But Still Getting No Results

Could you be too close to the pot, that you’ve overlooked the very reason why you are cooking?

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives, when we can get too close to a project and everything becomes blurry. At those times you just can’t see why what you are working so hard at, isn’t working; and the reasons can be varied.

Sometimes the most talented people are sitting in so much frustration, because they are so focused on just how talented they are; that they’ve forgotten that it’s not about them, it’s about what they are giving and in particular the spirit in, which they are giving it.

We are all attracted to and love energy that inspires us, empowers us and we love those things that make us feel loved, feel included and happy. Were all emotional people at the end of the day and we go with what makes us feel good every single time.

Sometimes, our efforts are wasted, by trying to impress the wrong people and by that I mean we want a certain type of people to like and appreciate what we do. We may even be directing all of our attention towards getting their approval only to be met with frustration and disillusionment. But if what if you left the recipient of what you want to give, to pure intention and just concentrated on the giving, what might you accomplish.

You see the ego is at times very cunning because it seeks to control the very essence of our being. It has us so focused on our social mask that we forget who we really are and why we are here. We become so attached to things and communities that we don’t know who we are unless they tell us. And so many people will never live out their purpose, because they’ve invested so heavily in the ego and what the ego says about their talent and skill, that they get caught up in who to share it with.

In order to eliminate the ego's hold on you, it might be necessary for you to get away from people who only help sustain your ego; and the lies the ego has you living, and find those people who will help you unveil the real you. After all the ego’s vision of you is so much less than whom you really are.

We can learn so much as well from those individuals that have come and made an impact on this world and I bet if we searched a little deeper we will see that those people weren’t caught up with the idea of what others thought, they were so focused on giving, what they had to give.

Think about it, when we hear a good message, read a great book or listen to a song that we really connect with; we are actually connecting with the feeling we get when reading or listening to it. It’s the same with relationships, it’s not what a person says, but how they say it that we remember. It’s all about the spirit in which things are conveyed!

So what is it that you wish to convey?

Your talent and skill is a vehicle and if you can get, gender, race, status, religion, nationality and any other prejudices off your mind when using your talent, what might you accomplish?

If this is you and you’ve lost touch with what you wish to give, then perhaps the ego is shining too brightly in your world. The way to release the ego is to embrace the real you. You might have some work to do to release the ego’s hold on the real you, but if you are determined to give what only you were meant to give, you will find the ways to do it.