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Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Purpose

Everyone has some type of fear but tragically some people allow their fears to shape their entire lives, so much so that they live from day to day telling themselves one day they will find the courage or perhaps discover the opportunity that will allow them to move towards their purpose. They unknowingly trade fulfilment for frustration for reasons that will never add up when they come to the end of their days.

If this is you, whether you believe it or not there is something that you were born to do, and that something can only be done by you. It’s not just your physical make up that is unique, and unlike any other person on this earth, your uniqueness goes far beyond the physical. You have a message, a gift that has great purpose and the chances are, if you haven’t discovered it you are not living into that purpose. There can be many reasons why one does not come to know their purpose; social conditioning and fear are probably high up on the list of those reasons. In fact sometimes it’s the social conditioning that is hiding the fears so deeply within that one cannot recognise they are fearful of living a purposeful life.

You may even find it hard to believe that some people are actually far more comfortable at struggling towards living a purposeful life that they reject anything else that would make life easier. In other words they have pride in the thought that they are trying hard, when living into your purpose is not meant to be hard, but instead fulfilling and far less complex than some would have you believe.

If you find yourself struggling or without clarity and still loaded with frustrations it may be time to stop and consider a few things. Such as…you may be more attached to the ego’s image of you, which will take you away from purpose.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

Whose life am I living if not the one I want to?
What am I continuously ignoring?
What image of myself do I need to let go of in order to be who I want to be?
Am I being true to myself or am I living a life trying to be someone I am not?

If your life is being shaped by your fears then it is necessary for you to confront these fears and it may be necessary to do that with those who can hold you accountable to living the best version of yourself and not the version that is intended on having you live a life of regrets.

Know this one thing; you have come here to do something that only you can do the way you do, and if it’s important to you, then start from that understanding and begin to move all of the things that are of less importance out of the way. After all, being busy doing something you weren’t born to do is not going to give you fulfilment or a purposeful life.

Today is the only day that matters so decide to live a more purposeful life and line up with the things that will enable you to do that. Give this day the REAL you! We are waiting!