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Do You Really See Yourself As Whole?

When we fail to see ourselves as whole and unbroken we see everything else the same way. We adjust ourselves according to our perception whether we are aware of it or not.

When we feel the need to go into protection mode due to a past experience or a fear we have internalised to the point of feeling threatened, it’s because in some way we have accepted the images fear has shown us and see ourselves injured, or vulnerable. From this perspective our image of wholeness is overshadowed by our image of being fragmented; from here we act in accordance with our self-image.

Do you find yourself generally avoiding relationships because you are fearful of what may happen to you? If so, it may be that you are seeing yourself as injured, vulnerable and threatened in some way. When you see yourself as whole, you will have a clear of view of yourself and of those around you. Instead of seeing yourself threatened or in vulernable situations, try to see choices that either aligns with who you are or not.

When we see ourselves as fragmented, we can’t see the opportunities that lead us to our higher self, however when we see ourselves through the eyes of wholeness, we see those opportunities and are willing to take the risk knowing that the universe is there to support us.

When we see ourselves from the perspective of being whole, we live a life that is full of trust and faith; we see the opportunities for us to expand who we are. We become purposeful and passionate about the love we are here in this physical world to give. When we see ourselves as whole, peace is even maintained through the chaos.

When we have a self-image of ourselves that reflects wholeness we know how important it is to see others the same way, even if they don’t see themselves that way; we can’t help but encourage others to see themselves as whole.

As human beings we cannot act from an awareness that we don’t have. So today investigate the areas of your life where you feel fragmented and begin to see yourself as whole so that you can act from the awareness of your higher being.

Know that you are whole and everything that suggests that you are not is coming from the fragmented perspective.