Miracles Are For Everyone

Some say that miracles are rare and that you’d be lucky if you ever get to see one in your life. Some say that if you have enough faith, your miracle is already yours and all you have to do is claim it. Others say, don’t just open your physical eyes but open your inner eyes and recognise that miracles are taking place all around you every day.

I say, miracles are the unyielding YES, when one’s awareness is shifted for a moment long enough to allow the extraordinary to occur.

Do You Really See Yourself As Whole?

When we fail to see ourselves as whole and unbroken we see everything else the same way. We adjust ourselves according to our perception whether we are aware of it or not.

When we feel the need to go into protection mode due to a past experience or a fear we have internalised to the point of feeling threatened, it’s because in some way we have accepted the images fear has shown us and see ourselves injured, or vulnerable. From this perspective our image of wholeness is overshadowed by our image of being fragmented; from here we act in accordance with our self-image.

Push The Ego To One Side

Do you see things as an attack, as if someone is always trying to do, take or keep something from you? If so the ego may have gotten such a hold on your mind that it may be hard to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

Just below you will find some of the main vices the ego uses to take you away from your true self.

When We Suspend Judgement We Increase Awareness

In every single moment of every single day we are given a multiple of opportunities to increase our awareness if we choose to. This new awareness, if we are open enough to embrace it, will allow us to connect with deeper parts of ourselves looking for greater expression.

I Want It Now!

Some of our unwanted challenges and circumstances may be born from an attitude of ‘I want it now’ and even though it may not sound like that to us; when we find ourselves challenged to have patience with our goals, ambitions and relationships we could be in essence just stomping our feet demanding something - saying ‘I want it now’.