A Valuable Yet Underrated Quality

The quality that establishes self-respect, trust and a strong foundation to build upon is so simple that many people miss it. However, the lack of this quality is so catastrophic to the human soul, that it masks the true potential of a person from himself or herself. This quality is called honesty. Underrated by most as a quality to sustain as we develop, because of our conditioned society, yet it is demanded of, from us all.

Lots Of Talent But Still Getting No Results

Could you be too close to the pot, that you’ve overlooked the very reason why you are cooking?

It happens to all of us at some point in our lives, when we can get too close to a project and everything becomes blurry. At those times you just can’t see why what you are working so hard at, isn’t working; and the reasons can be varied.

Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Purpose

Everyone has some type of fear but tragically some people allow their fears to shape their entire lives, so much so that they live from day to day telling themselves one day they will find the courage or perhaps discover the opportunity that will allow them to move towards their purpose. They unknowingly trade fulfilment for frustration for reasons that will never add up when they come to the end of their days.

Are Your Relationships One Where You Dictate Or Relate?

Are you completely aware of what is being communicated in the relationships you have with others and do you care enough to find out if you don’t?

Whether you are aware of it or not in each and every relationship you have, you are communicating to each person your thoughts and you are giving them your energy. That energy is determining the direction of those relationships. So what might that be?

Technology’s Effect On You

With the growth of the Internet, the news whether good, bad or shocking comes and goes so quickly that we are becoming increasingly desensitise by current affairs as well as the lives of others.

How many stories have we heard that are created out of thin air and last no longer than the blink of an eye or the refreshing of our social media page.