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Are Your Relationships One Where You Dictate Or Relate?

Are you completely aware of what is being communicated in the relationships you have with others and do you care enough to find out if you don’t?

Whether you are aware of it or not in each and every relationship you have, you are communicating to each person your thoughts and you are giving them your energy. That energy is determining the direction of those relationships. So what might that be?

Is the energy that you are giving to those relationships one that shows just how much you appreciate them, or is that relationship based on your needs? Is that relationship an ego based relationship or is it one that is built on respecting one another and appreciating one another for who they are and what they bring to the relationship?

So many people enter relationships with a focus on roles they must play rather than building those relationships. They kind of assume a position in a relationship and from that standpoint determine how the relationship should be, never once thinking to themselves to communicate that view with the other person. In fact it is the number one reason for conflict in relationships. Some people go their entire lives defining what the people in their relationships need to do, and be in order to fulfil their role in that relationship. The only problem is, that demand isn’t with the consent of the other person; they therefore alienate that person they are in relationship with and because they never ask that person, they never come to find out what will make it work.

One of the miscommunications that happens very often in relationships such as family relationships or marriages is missed when there is a very gentle and subtle call by someone in that relationship to address or listen a bit more in order to create a better relationship, but this call is dismissed or ignored because the other person is caught up in a role or a belief about themselves or the relationship that is hindering that relationship from growing or improving. Are you guilty of this? Do you know what you are communicating in your relationships and do you care?

Are your relationships based on the support and needs of your ego? Meaning if they don’t play by your rules, are they somehow shut out or punished and in some way?

Or do you see your relationships as an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself and more about the person you are in the relationship with? Or do you already have them so figure out there is no need for you to ask or know anymore. Whatever your answers are if you are prepared to do a little self-reflection those questions will be able to tell you a lot about your views and how you are communicating with those you are in relationships with.

Are you building or tearing down your relationships?

Are you listening to those you are in relationship with?

Are you looking for ways to improve the way you communicate with others?

Is your approach to your relationship to dictate or relate?