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A Valuable Yet Underrated Quality

The quality that establishes self-respect, trust and a strong foundation to build upon is so simple that many people miss it. However, the lack of this quality is so catastrophic to the human soul, that it masks the true potential of a person from himself or herself. This quality is called honesty. Underrated by most as a quality to sustain as we develop, because of our conditioned society, yet it is demanded of, from us all.

Most of us lose our grip on this priceless quality, right in the comfort of our very own homes, albeit unconsciously. For instance when a child repeats something that happened at home to an outsider, which could embarrass the parents, and the parents are confronted with this, they may say, we don’t know where he or she may have gotten it from. If at that moment, the parent says, oh the child doesn’t know what they are talking about and denies it in front of that child, they are unconsciously teaching their child to lie.

And that’s how it begins…
These children get taught through example, that honesty is not important.

These children get taught who to like, who not to like and why
These children learn that letting other people see their own vulnerabilities, is a weakness.

These children get taught that it’s better to make people think they are, something, that you are not.

And then we wonder why children are so stressed when they become teenagers, and are faced with the shaping of their character; and type of adult they are going to become. We wonder why so many children are filled with self-hate and then lash out on to others. We wonder why so many girls fail to accept themselves for who they are. We wonder why boys struggle to understand how to become the man, that they can be proud of. Children these days are pulled to and fro and encouraged through more channels than they can possibly comprehend, to be someone other than, who they really are.

The practice of dishonesty is the leading cause of the lack of fulfilment and unhappiness in adults today.

The practice of dishonesty has so many adults hell bent on persuading others how great they are instead of accepting themselves and everyone else as they are, including their children.

The practice of dishonesty keeps us from living through our higher self.

The practice of dishonesty ruins all types of relationships.

The practice of dishonesty destroys businesses, careers, and trust.

The practice of dishonesty leads to the destruction of the family and if unchanged, it will leave a negative impact on every seed of that family in the future.

Whilst there are so many great qualities for us to nurture, sustaining honesty, is if anything else the one quality that allows us through every circumstance we may encounter in life, to have self-love.