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I Want It Now!

Some of our unwanted challenges and circumstances may be born from an attitude of ‘I want it now’ and even though it may not sound like that to us; when we find ourselves challenged to have patience with our goals, ambitions and relationships we could be in essence just stomping our feet demanding something - saying ‘I want it now’.

If we could count the amount of dreams and goals given up just because it wasn’t realised in the time we thought it would happen, we would be shocked. However if we looked deeply at the common thread through the pursuit of those dreams and goals with the intention to reflect on ourselves, what might we see? What would you learn about yourself?

This attitude of ‘I want it now’ is the cause of trouble in relationships, businesses failing and dreams shattered, not to mention frustration and sometimes sickness. Having an attitude of ‘I want it now’ is so detrimental to us because its major intent is force with no flexibility, whereas the universe gives us what we are and not what we want. Even if we don’t agree with it, universal laws are operative at all times so the more we stomp our feet demanding what we want, the more opportunities to stomp our feet we will receive. Not only will we not get what we want we may be pushing it further away from us.

By letting go of the need to determine the outcome of everything, we are in fact surrendering control and allowing the intention for what we desire to find itself in the ground of universal forces. This process is so much better because then we are not dictating what should happen, but we are respecting the universe’s way or yielding it to us the best way possible. This is one of the best things we could hope for because it allows us to adjust and learn what we need to in order to facilitate what it is we desire.

If this is you ask yourself where have I adopted the attitude of ‘I want it now’?

Do some self-reflection and allow the answers to flow through you. If you really want to know why what you want is not with you, release your demands and the need to control and all that you need to move forward, will be given to you.